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The Brant family has been tapping trees and producing 100% pure, single source maple syrup and maple products for eight generations.


That's a long time!  Starting in 1832, George Stull started producing maple syrup in Somerset County and passed the technique and maple recipes on to his family and son, William. Generations passed and today, Richard Brant (George's great-great-great grandson - he's really great!) operates the 300-acre sugar camp and maple tree farm located in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.  The sugar camp is located outside of Shanksville, just 10 miles from Flight 93 National Memorial.

Brantview Farms Maple produces 100% pure, single source maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cream, maple hard tack candy, maple cotton candy, maple coated nuts, maple taffy and maple sugar cake candy. 


Tours are offered of the 300-acre sugar camp year-round.  Read more about the tour experience.

Brantivew Farms Maple is a proud member of the Somerset County Maple Producers and a partner in the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau.

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