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You may have a question and we have answers!

  • What does 100% pure, single source mean?"
    Our maple syrup is 100% pure, meaning there are no additives, preservatives, dyes added to the product. It is naturally a whole food that is gluten free and non GMO. Our maple syrup is sourced from our sugar woods and no where else, meaning it is produced from a single-source. Many maple producers will sell their syrup to larger businesses or outsource some of their products. Not us. We tap our trees to bring you the finest, purest syrup and use it in all our products that are locally made in our family's sugar camp.
  • Which maple products are 100% pure?
    Our 100% pure products are maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, maple taffy and maple sugar cakes. These products are 100% maple and nothing else.
  • What grade syrup does Brantview Farms Maple produce?
    The USDA updated all maple syrup grading, eliminating Grade B. All maple syrup is now graded as variants of Grade A. Brantview Farms Maple Syrup is Grade A Amber with a "rich taste."
  • What causes the different colors of maple syrup?
    Mother nature plays a large hand in the color of syrup. The weather, the type of maple tree being tapped and the time of the maple tapping season are all factors that impact the end color of the syrup produced.
  • Should I worry about allergens with your products?
    While we primarily produce 100% pure maple products, we do offer a variety of other maple products, some of which contain peanuts, tree nuts, and dairy products. We take every precaution in making these products and packaging them. All products are clearly labeled with nutrition and ingredient information.
  • Where are you located?
    Our family-run sugar camp is located at 347 Vanyo Road, Berlin, Pennsylvania. We are right outside of Shanksville, 10 miles from Flight 93 National Memorial. We offer self-guided and guided tours throughout the year. DIRECTIONS FROM NORTH I-90 W, I-79 S, I-76 E. Take exit 110 Somerset and follow PA-31 to PA-160 N to Vanyo Road DIRECTIONS FROM SOUTH I-270 N and I-70 W. Take exit 149. Follow US-30 W and PA-160 S to Vanyo Road DIRECTIONS FROM EAST I-76 W to US-220 BUS S. Take exit 146. Follow US-30 W and PA-160 S to Vanyo Road DIRECTIONS FROM WEST I-70 E and I-76 E. Take exit 110 Somerset and follow PA-31 to PA-160 N to Vanyo Road
  • Are any of your products available for wedding or party favors?
    Yes! We have created specially packaged party favors for weddings, class reunions, holiday parties and more. From maple sugar cakes, hard tack and maple coated nuts to pure maple syrup, our products are unique gifts for party guests. Contact us to see how we can help with your next event!
  • Do you rent the sugar camp for special events?
    We have rented our sugar camp for special small events. Please contact us to check availability.
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