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100% Pure Maple Sugar

100% Pure Maple Sugar


For generations, our family has produced pure maple sugar and other high-quality maple products. We’ve made it our priority to provide exemplary customer service and total customer satisfaction for years. Our products are 100% pure and all natural, and they make the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Brantview Farms Maple Sugar is made from 100% pure, single source Brantview Farms Maple Syrup, an all-natural whole food. Enjoy this sweet, delicious Grade A amber maple sugar as an alternative natural sweetener or in your everyday cooking and baking. Maple sugar contains higher levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants than granulated white sugar. Maple sugar is sweeter than brown sugar, requiring less when substituting it for white or brown sugar in baking or cooking. Shop our high-quality, pure maple sugar and other maple sweets and treats today. 


  • NO artificial flavors or colors
  • NO preservatives or additives
  • Gluten free
  • Shelf life is 2-3 years in a cool, dry location
  • Allergen Statement

    All products are processed in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts and dairy products.

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