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Graham Cracker Maple Toffee Bars

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Graham Cracker Maple Toffee Bars are a simple candy dessert that both young and old enjoy! Made with pure Brantview Farms Maple sugar and some white chocolate, these make a special treat for holidays or just because. Makes a lot, so plan to share with family, friends and neighbors!


Ingredients: 2 sticks of butter (salted or unsalted)

Original Flavor Graham Crackers - 2 sleeves

18 oz white chocolate bits

Flaky cracker candy coated with brown maple sugar and white chocolate sit stacked on a wooden table
Delicious and rich, these Graham Cracker Maple Toffee Bars are the sweetest treat!


Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Line large cookie sheet with aluminum foil. (Do not use parchment paper!)

Cover the sheet with graham crackers tight together.

Melt the butter in a large skillet until slightly bubbly. Add maple sugar.

Bring to a gentle boil continuing to stir for 3-4 minutes.

Pour or spoon the sugar mixture over the graham crackers. Spread until completely covered.

Bake for 5 minutes in 400 degree oven.

Pan will be very hot. Remove from oven and immediately spread the white chocolate bits over the top of the sugar coated graham crackers. Spread as they begin to melt until top is coated with white chocolate. For a decorative look you can sprinkle with holiday decorating sugar or sprinkles.

Cool - this may take several hours to harden - and cut into pieces using a sharp knife. Store in airtight container and enjoy!

Three pieces of graham cracker coated in a maple sugar and white chocolate coating.
This sweet maple candy bar snack is ready to eat!

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